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Tue Oct 9 12:01:26 BST 2018

On Tuesday, 9 October 2018 12:23:48 CEST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> [re-sending amended version to the intended destination, apologies to
> Friedrich]
> So, I have had some feedback on Qt's Interest ML, which only confirms what
> we already know: with cmake all automatic content is only generated during
> a full make. Idem with qmake, with some subtle differences.


unfortunately it's still not directly related to KDevelop development.

Furthermore, it's particularly not interesting to the KDevelop *Users* mailing 
list. Please refrain from posting further diary-style mails to this list.

While I agree your Qt/CMake improvement idea is sound, the actual issue never 
really bothered me so far. And I *do* work on significantly larger projects 
regularly. But this is not the right place to discuss your idea & the 
implementation details.

> (snip)
> After trying I'm certain: the 1st build (with -j4 -k) went to about 16% in
> 6'15" minutes (through KDevelop). That's slower than I hoped, even on a
> not-exactly-fast Intel N3150.

> A second run *outside* of KDevelop took that
> down to 5'38" minutes (and of course went just as far). The few sub-targets
> I tried to "build" this way also failed because of missing dependencies
> before they got to generating their own automatic content (ex. the
> KDevPlatformProject plugin).

I'll repeat myself, but I don't think a Intel Celeron N3150 is up for the task 
for e.g. continuously working on big projects like KDevelop or LLVM (as you 
do). Do yourself a favor and upgrade. Get a more powerful desktop box if 
necessary (cheaper). I also remember you using a SSHD -- get a SSD. Use Ninja 
files to achieve fast incremental builds, etc. pp..

I have a 4 year old Intel laptop with with roughly 3 times the computing power 
and TDP of yours (comparing its CPU benchmark on said site), 12 GB RAM + fast 
SSD, and I'm already annoyed by it's day-to-day slowness when working on 
programming related tasks. An upgrade is due.

But I keep getting dragged into off-topic area; will not further comment on 


> This could probably go further if cmake had some kind of support for
> -fsyntax-only, where linker errors (due to missing files) are ignored. That
> could be a more generically useful option to propose to Kitware than some
> kind of solution to do all auto-generation through a dedicated build
> target, which they might (justifiably) consider as something to be handled
> at the Qt (and KDE?) level.
> R.

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