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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Wed Nov 28 09:36:10 GMT 2018

On Monday, 26 November 2018 20:05:37 CET René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Hi,
> Some of you may be familiar with the opensource docset browser, zeal
> ( I've been working on a port of the old KDE4 plugin that
> allows to drive the zeal application as an external documentation browser
> from Kate and KDevelop.


Sounds like you would want to propose that on the kwrite-devel mailing list 
instead (as it's based on KTextEditor). Potentially for integration upstream.

> I think it's now feature complete enough to do a shameless plug here:
> . After installation newly (re)started Kate and
> KDevelop sessions will have Zeal menus in the Tools menu and in the context
> menu. If can trigger a lookup of the selected text or (if there is none)
> the word under the cursor.

I had a quick look at the tree / commit history. I'd recommend to ...

- just remove any traces of KDE4 
- squash most your commits before proposing this to upstream 
  - Tings like "fix typo", etc., can go
  - The KF5 port itself likely just needs to be one big commit

Note: I have no personal interest in the plugin myself, but maybe the KTE 
authors have.


> Hope this is useful.
> R.

Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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