filetype misidentification

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Nov 21 20:11:01 GMT 2018


In the series of weird and exasperating behaviour: I now have a session open which systematically will misidentify filetypes in a custom make project (for audacity). C++ files will be identified as "GCCExtensions" or "SystemC" or even Ansi-C89, I've seen a C or C++ file been identified as Makefile (and still be run through the parser) and other comparable more-or-less nonsense.

I've now run through the entire list of hardcoded file types and set every >0 priority I never set myself to 0 or -1 but it seems that hardly changed anything.

Please tell me that it's either "one of those days" (again), or that this is a known issue (in FW 5.52.0 or KDevelop 5.3) with an upcoming fix...


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