KDE and SDL2: some problem with syntax analyser

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 15:45:02 GMT 2018

On Wednesday November 21 2018 15:15:21 Luca Provenzani wrote:

>Here the definition of the function/macro SDL_LoadBMP in SDL_surface.h:
>/extern DECLSPEC SDL_Surface *SDLCALL SDL_LoadBMP_RW(SDL_RWops * src,/
>/                                                    int freesrc);/
>/#define SDL_LoadBMP(file)   SDL_LoadBMP_RW(SDL_RWFromFile(file, "rb"), 1)/
>.. but, I don't see nothing really strange..

Not for human interpretation, no (which also has no problems with your use of double negation ;)).
This is a macro though, resolving to a definition that probably has 2  macros in it (DECLSPEC and SDLCALL). That other thread I referred to does mention issues with macro parsing. It would be interesting if you could check whether your problem symbols are all defined as macros or not.


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