KDevelop syntax parser is barely usable

Steve the Fiddle stevethefiddle at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 11:11:12 GMT 2018

Just some related feedback,

I work with the Audacity source code (0.6k lines of code
Kdevelop 5.2.4, Ubuntu 16.04.

Kdevelop rarely crashes for me, so the database does not need to reparse
from scratch very often, but I still often see KDevelop reparsing very
slowly due to code changes outside of KDevelop (such as when Git bisecting).

I have also been struggling with the problems of KDevelop not seeing
macros, templates, not finding definitions, not finding declarations ... In
short, parsing only works for about 50% of the Audacity code, whereas
KDevelop 3 gave about 90% coverage. The problem may be in part, due to
Audacity now making more use of C++11, and a little C++14, with more
templates and broader use of "modern" C++ idioms. Regardless of the
reasons, the problem for me remains that KDevelop 5 syntax parser does not
work at all well for Audacity source code.

The case for Audacity is complicated due to it using WxWidgets and
automake, but KDevelop 3 could mostly handle that reasonably well with a
bit of effort setting it up. I've been struggling with KDevelop 5 since it
was first released, and have managed to get it from "unusable" to "just
about usable".


On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 10:33, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wednesday November 07 2018 13:17:28 Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> >database is broken and is reparsing. And it breaks too much (several
> >times a day).
> That shouldn't happen, except if you cause KDevelop to crash and then NOT
> tell it to preserve the cache when restarting. Or if you somehow open the
> same session in different versions (an older one from your distro and a
> more recent AppImage version for instance).
> >precise, but it worked always and it worked fast. Now kate has ctags
> >plugin. Is it possible to utilize this plugin in kdevelop as a helper
> >to syntax parser and make symbol jumping always available?
> That should be possible, but you'd have to patch the ctags plugin json or
> .desktop file to declare itself as a kdevelop plugin too, I think (it
> should show something like
> `X-KDE-ServiceTypes=KTextEditor/Plugin,KDevelop/Plugin`).
> Note however that you will probably NOT see the plugin's settings dialog
> in KDevelop so you'd have to configure it via Kate.
> R.
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