Opening multiple projects with the same name

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Feb 13 09:51:47 GMT 2018


>If you have other ideas how to solve the issue without starting new projects with each branch / checkout, please let me know.

Would it be acceptable to check out those different branches into directories with distinctive names? No guarantees, but it's possible that this may allow you to open the projects via the "official" .kdev4 file in the toplevel directory, with KDevelop maintaining a dedicated file in the .kdev4 directory.

I've come to the conclusion myself that it is not usually a good idea to put the foo/.kdev4/foo.kdev4 file into VCS. It contains absolute paths and other host+user-specific data along with data you might conceivably want to be able to share (like cmake options, source formatting settings, preprocessor macros etc). Other IDEs typically separate those things and/or store certain information like build and search path directories in relative form (even if at runtime they convert that to absolute paths) - Xcode does for certain, MSVC and QtCreator too I think.

I think it's probably safe to say that KDevelop could see some improvement in its support for true collaborative approaches where you manage more than just the code centrally (and DON'T use KDevelop's defaults for everything ;))

If anyone else is reading this: I've already encountered one or two foo/.kdev4/_custom.kdev4 files; is that what I'm hinting at here and if so, how does one get KDevelop to use them?

Not really up to me to say it but the usual reply here is "patches welcome". (But know that due to KDevelop's modular design a proper implementation of this kind of change is probably going to be quite the overhaul.)


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