Frame not redrawn

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Aug 20 16:15:10 BST 2018

Hello, developers.

There is some major failure in the last 5.2.3 kdevelop when entering the debug 
mode after several restarts of the debuggee the gdb/stack/etc. frame is not 
redrawn - I can't attach the pictures to the post , so here is the link:

Clicking on the upper-left corner, where the X should be (but is not), works - 
the mc blue (in my this specific snapshot) frame disappears and, if gdb, for 
example, button is pressed - gdb frame appears.
To receive the same effect again:
- put a break point
- run till it
- switch to another application and return back to kdevelop

Actually, even this switch isn't needed always. In some cases just switching 
from debug to code and back is enough.

Best Regards :-)
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