geeky OT stuff: clang 5 vs. gcc 7.2

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Nov 15 10:41:24 GMT 2017

On Wednesday November 15 2017 11:10:14 Kevin Funk wrote:

>You already mentioned it, it's off-topic really. Especially on the KDevelop 
>user-centric mailing list.

Actually, I used this list to reach users of the product and thus a priori a larger number of developers ;)

>here. Not to mention just optimizing for compactness of code leaves out all 
>other (potentially more interesting) program optimizations.

Exactly why asked. Compactness is the easiest to judge, should affect loading times but the big difference here seems to be at the level of the debug information - which could potentially affect debug'ability. That's an aspect that might be of more interest here than on sites like Phoronix.
BTW, I'm not using any specific compactness optimisation, it's a by-product of compiler choice that might or might not be the only advantage.

We can move the discussion to the devel ML if you think there's an interest in discussing the potentially interesting optimisation options or how to gain any benefits from the "polly" optimiser?

>You should check out the numerous benchmarks that test GCC vs Clang out there 
>(i.e. on Phoronix).

I do. Or rather, I did - I lost interest in phoronix, as I said I never seem to be able to reproduce their findings (and they never seem to draw any conclusions in their reporting either).


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