KDevelop 5 too slow?

Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Tue May 30 16:51:15 BST 2017


On 30/05/17 15:18, Milian Wolff wrote:
> - user is typing, waits too long, and we kick of a parse job, the user 
> continues to type -> this case is, afaik, currently unhandled. we should abort 
> the parse job in such cases, if at all possible.

Yes, this is exactly the reason why we introduced the delay back then. I
don't disagree with lowering the delay, we can just put 1.5s and see
what happens ... I don't see how you could build a reproducible test
case for this, it's purely related to how fast and in what pattern you
type on your keyboard.


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