Fw: Re: Cross platform KDevelop project files

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon May 8 09:53:19 BST 2017

On Monday May 08 2017 00:37:01 Markus Mueller wrote:

>Hi Team,

I think the proper term is "Community" ... but hi too :)

>> so my question is this: is there any way to achieve this because Kdevelop
>> puts .kdev4 folder and solution1.kdev4 to src folder but when i want to
>> open that project on windows it cant find paths because in solution1.kdev
>> file it is written "[CMake][CMake Build Directory 0]
>> Build Directory Path=/mnt/edrv/ws1/x1_build/lin"

To my knowledge you're out of luck here. KDevelop wants to store its .kdev4 file and directory in the project root. It can be configured to use a build directory that's on the moon if you have access there, but as you noticed it will always store an absolute path in the .kdev4/foo.kdev4 file.

I don't think there's much chance that KDevelop will get support for storing those .kdev4 entries in a random location, and you learn to put up with their presence. Support for a relative location of the build directory is a different matter: it would certainly make the IDE more versatile for users who access their projects and sessions from multiple machines, and it shouldn't be particularly difficult to replace a part of the *stored* build dir path with a token representing the path to the project dir (or rather, to the project *parent* dir).

>> Because i am going to have tests running on linux and on windows at the
>> same time and solution has about 40 projects, so renegration or import
>> would just drive me crazy i guess.

KDevelop does support multiple build directories but only per project, and it will typically re-run CMake each time you change between build directories (which requires opening the project settings dialog). That doesn't sound like a solution if you plan to put all those projects in a single session. (That many projects in a KDevelop session sounds like a recipe for frustration anyway; I'd turn off the "parse entire project when opened" setting if I were you to speed up things a bit.)

An option to change the build directory of all open projects in session would be nice but probably hard to implement unless it's done via some kind of scripting  approach.

>> Debugger support: Is there any way to use LLDB or GDB on windows? Is LLDB
>> supported on linux?

Debugger support should only be platform-specific to the extent that the debugger itself is platform specific. In other words, I don't see any reason why gdb or lldb wouldn't work on MSWin, and yes, lldb can be used on Linux. Last time I tried it it worked pretty well, despite the fact that it uses lldb-mi which isn't the way to get the most out of lldb.
Attaching to a running process will probably NOT work on MSWin though; it requires a library from the Plasma walled-garden collection.


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