first try of KDevelop 5.0.4

Django django013 at
Sun Mar 19 14:07:34 UTC 2017


> > Ok -- probably related to the AppImage, that has a bit of strange stuff
> > for the subprocesses going on. Is your application open-source?

No - its not published

> Django, can you show us the output/backtrace of the crash in your
> application when you run it from KDevelop?

How can I get such a backtrace?

> Do you also see it with other applications, or only this one you developed
> yourself?

I did not spend much time in investigation and of cause, I did not test 
anything else. As the new releases don't offer things, I am missing, I'm fine 
staying at 4.7

Just wanted to inform you.

If it helps you, I'm willing to do some more testing based on your 
recommendations. If not - never mind :)

cheers Reinhard

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