first try of KDevelop 5.0.4

Django django013 at
Sun Mar 19 11:48:28 GMT 2017


> > Ok, nothing new on that item - but I found out, that my app, developed
> > with KDevelop 4.8 crashes with 5.0.4 as well as with beta version.
> I didn't understand that. You mean, you wrote an application and it
> crashes when you launch it from KDevelop 5.0.4 and it doesn't when you
> do from 4.8?


> That's very strange -- KDevelop does nothing except just launching the
> process. I don't think this issue is related to KDevelop.

Well, it is an issue of KDevelop. Could it be, that the memory or environment 
for the subprocess is different? I don't have any idea of kdevelop, but there's 
a difference between the versions of KDevelop.

> What do you mean by beta-version? 5.0.80?


> > I'm using -std=c++14 and trying cppcheck from beta fails, as it does not
> > understand c++14 features.
> Hmm, wait, I thought you cannot launch the beta version? :/
> Sorry, I'm confused.

No - I can start 5.0.4 and 5.0.80 - no problem at start of kdevelop. The 
problem is, that both start my app differnt to 4.7 (sorry, it's 4.7 not 4.8 as 
mentioned earlier)

> Both can be changed in the Configure Editor dialog, under Appearance ->
> Borders.

Found it. Thanks!

cheers Reinhard

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