#Refactoring support

Mário Oravec moravec at moniro.com
Sun Mar 12 17:04:46 UTC 2017

Hi guys,

	I would like to ask you,  what are your plans regarding refactoring ?

 	Nowadays, without great refactoring it is really pain to develop fast and 
be productive,  especially if TDD is development strategy. 
	I think, if one of the kdevelop main goal will be superb refactoring /eg. 
one as is in Intellij for java/ developers will choose kdevelop in first case.
    I use kdevelop for long time but from time to time consider to use CLion 
just because refactoring support which really offload me from lot of manual 
  I think the real power of IDE should manifest in more time spending in 
business logic as in restructuralization of code.
	With superb refactoring developers will do not afraid to do conceptual and 
manually time consuming work,  resulting in better production code.

thank you,


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