Errors in compilation

Leon Pollak leonp at
Thu Jun 22 08:22:54 BST 2017

On Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:14:31 IDT Sven Brauch wrote:
> On 22/06/17 08:56, Leon Pollak wrote:
> > On Wednesday, 21 June 2017 18:42:07 IDT Sven Brauch wrote:
> >> Do you run a 32-bit system ...?
> > 
> > I cross compile in 64-bit FC25 to 32-bit ARM.
> Ah ok, I think running a 32-bit executable from the AppImage explains
> it. That error is not fatal though, or is it?
No, no! Everything works. 
Its just filling the build frame with a lot of messages and forces me to 
scroll through them to check that there were no errors, which are hardly 
noticed because of this flood....


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