git status --porcelain error?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Jan 12 08:59:04 GMT 2017

On Monday January 9 2017 15:55:45 Kevin Funk wrote:


>Hmm, that actually makes sense yep. I guess it's an oversight that 
>`completeErrorText` is not shown in the UI. It's an translated string after 
>Will apply that later.
>> >What /could/ make sense is to elaborate what `FailedToStart` means for the
>> >user...

They've been seeming to hide sinc I increased the error message detail, but I just had one of those errors:

Process 'git ls-files -c -- /home/bertin/work/src/Scratch/KDE/KF5/kdewin-git/tools/png2ico/png2ico.cpp' exited with status 0
/home/bertin/work/src/Scratch/KDE/KF5/kdewin-git/tools/png2ico> git ls-files -c -- /home/bertin/work/src/Scratch/KDE/KF5/kdewin-git/tools/png2ico/png2ico.cpp

Not sure the extra detail is going to help us here.

It does give me a rather wild hunch though, based on the context where I got the error: I used Ctrl+B to build a project (or at least that was my intention) and got the output above instead.
You may have seen that I'm having issues with event handling on Mac (related to the context menu, but I also get a rather frequent message about some other process modifying a file when I just saved it, which is most likely a result of 2 save actions in rapid succession).
This vcs error occurs only on Linux, but couldn't it also be the result of attempting the same command twice in rapid succession and something in the job code cannot handle that, detects some kind of error condition and assumes the vcs command went wrong while in fact something else happened?
Which could ultimately be the result of something as down-to-earth of checking errno somewhere without having reset it before calling the function that supposedly set it.


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