RFC: support for multiple identities (name, email, ...)

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Jan 6 16:27:47 GMT 2017

Hi KDevelop users,

I would like some feedback from you for a new feature I am currently working 
on: support for multiple identities (name, email, ...)

For now I am interested in your user stories, to learn what might be nice to 
have support for when it comes to author identities and you.
So please add the things you would like to see supported (soon or one day) to


Other contributions to the page are welcome, too. It is a wiki :)

If a wiki scares you, replying on the mailinglist is also fine, I will pick up 

Following some more background info why I started on this feature:


When it comes to copyright notions in code/files and authorship/committer id 
in version control systems, the name and the contact information, like email 
address, can be a few different ones for oneself. E.g. when working in 
different FLOSS projects, with each email address dedicated to the project, or 
when working on a FLOSS project both in name of an employer, but also 
privately in free times.

Currently KDevelop is hard-coded to use whatever is set for the default 
profile of KEMailSettings in file templates, the only place which I found to 
use authorship metadata. KMail seems to be feeding KEMailSettings, but 
otherwise there might be no data in there. So the developer has to manually 
complete the fields in the generated code.

I would like to improve things here, as I like to work with templates and 
having to manually fix copyright/contact information all the time is annoying, 
or resulted in unwanted info leaks when forgotten.


KDevelop could know about the concept of author identity, allow to have 
multiple identities available to select from for a project, and allow plugins 
to make use of identity details e.g. on doing VCS commits or generating code.

So, what do you also think in general? Anything related which is worth looking 
into for this? Other comments?
(Be aware, "Do not get in the way" is the first user story :) )


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