KDEV 5.0.1 line spacing question

Leon Pollak leonp at plris.com
Thu Sep 22 13:41:49 UTC 2016

On Thursday 22 September 2016 15:12:40 Milian Wolff wrote:
> > > What about other Qt 5 based applications? A more modern Kate e.g.?
> > 
> > Below is the Kate version information:
> > KDE Frameworks 5.25.0
> > Qt 5.6.1 (built against 5.6.1)
> > The xcb windowing system
> > 
> > If I open the same source in this Kate and kdevelop 4.7.3 the line spacing
> > is exactly the same. Strange, I expected it to be the same as in 5.0.1!
> Which again proofs that something very fishy is going on at your end. We use 
> the same katepart that kate is using. So if you see something different in 
> KDevelop and in Kate, than you must have different settings in both. Please, 
> go to 
> KDevelop: Settings -> Configure KDevelop -> Editor -> Fonts & Colors ->
> Fonts and compare that to
> Kate: Settings -> Configure Kate -> Editor -> Fonts & Colors -> Fonts
Are exactly the same: both are Consolas, Regular, 9.

The line spacing in the dialogs (not in the editor area!) are different and 
vice versa!!!
The Kate dialog has smaller line spacing than the one in Kate! 
And the difference is significant. I tuned the window size to be equal. And 
now, the kdevelop font size window shows font size lines from 4 to 16 (13 
lines) while the Kate size window contains only 4 to 13 (10 lines). I 
underline that I tuned the windows sizes equally...

Milian, do you think this is something local in my installation?

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