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Kevin Funk kfunk at kde.org
Mon Jan 4 16:00:47 UTC 2016

On Monday, January 04, 2016 04:25:20 PM René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Monday January 04 2016 14:17:38 Sven Brauch wrote:
> >Yes. You can remove the whole .cache/kdevduchain and nothing will
> >happen. Just don't do it while kdevelop is running, or it will likely
> >crash.
> Yeah, at the least it'll assert, which for all practical purposes is the
> same as crashing :)
> >*grin*
> >echo $(pwd) |grep $(kdevelop -l |grep running |awk -F'{' '{print $2}'
> >
> >|awk -F'}' '{print $1}')
> Oh, yeah, easy-peasy!
> >Not aware of any ... and I'm not sure about the hit the whole
> >compression thing has on performance ...?
> You mean the reference I made to ZFS/btrfs compression? The argument as I
> understood it is that CPUs can be fast enough to reduce the amount of data
> to be exchanged over a slow IO link sufficiently to shorten the IO duration
> by more than the time it takes to compress (and esp. decompress).
> Now, if you referred to my suggestion it'd probably be better for
> performance if the cached information isn't compressed on the fly, I have a
> return question. If that's not the case, why isn't compression already
> being used? :) (ZFS's lz4 compression gives 2-3x size reduction.)
> Is this an aspect where it could be considered to give the user a choice,
> for instance through an option to "zip" session cache dirs at exit (and
> unzip them at startup)?
> >I'd expect the different itemrepository version numbers will cause the
> >cache to be purged every time you do that, but I'm not sure.
> If they use the same cache. But how would that work, those session cache
> directories appear to have random names, no?
> Is there a map somewhere that
> keeps track in what session each project is open, and also maps session
> name to cache dir name?


$ grep --text "Open Projects" ~/.local/share/kdevelop/sessions/*/sessionrc
ad66ebd2d40e}/sessionrc:Open Projects=file:///home/kfunk/devel/src/kdab/iDev/
ab7d-923f7cb0d500}/sessionrc:Open Projects=file:///home/kfunk/devel/src/kf5/

Maps from session id to open projects. The cache dir is just "cache base dir + 
session id"


> Cheers,
> René
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