KTextEditor plugin integration

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Thu Jul 30 01:53:08 BST 2015

Good news everyone!

After quite some work, I finally massaged the KTextEditor plugin API into our 
KDevelop framework. For now, I only load the snippets plugin, as it's the only 
one where I'm 100% sure we want to have it.

Now, it would be cool if others could finish up the work I've started. It's 
all nicely unit tested and also quite central, i.e. just one file you'll have 
to touch. Just look at application.h and window.h from KTextEditor and add 
implementations for the missing methods by adding the corresponding slots to 
the KTextEditorIntegration classes.

What we'll probably want I've mentioned also in the commit message. Most 
notably, the VI mode people want to add some functions to get split views 
properly integrated.

Then, someone - this does not necessarily need to be a develop - should 
compare the functionality of plugins in Kate and KDevelop. Here, I'm mostly 
thinking about the file system browser, the open documents plugin, the open 
document switcher plugin, and the search & replace plugin.

All of them we have in both applications, but they have slightly different 
UI's and functionality. My goal is to remove all the KDevelop specific plugins 
and replace them by the Kate plugins. This will require some investigation on 
whether this is possible with minimal changes to Kate code. We will definitely 
have to extend the code to abstract the document system away, such that we can 
open/manage non-KTextEditor documents.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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