New version debugger issue.

Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue Jul 14 11:54:58 BST 2015

Hello, all again.

Thanks to Milian, I have the working kdevelop.

Now I should like to return to the main issue: the new versions of kdevelop 
debugger does not work within my current environment, which is cross debugging 
of ARM based computer from PC running Fedora. My gdb is 7.7.

1. The first case was when I installed the FC21 and the new kdevelop. After 
installation I saw this MI error and nothing worked.
I tried to recompile the kdevelop to old version and wasn't able to do this.
Then I simply re-installed FC20 and worked with 4.5.2 till it came to the FC20 

2. I did not noticed (and forgot, really) that FC20 upgrade installed the 
4.7.1 version, which immediately stopped to debug with this MI error.
Now, I had no chance but to downgrade...

- Is this issue with the MI error known?
- May it be the gdb-7.7 version I use?


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