Preliminary installer for KDevelop (KF5-based, master branch) on Windows (64bit)

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Wed Aug 26 22:39:37 BST 2015


during the last few weeks there's been fresh energy to *finally* create an 
Installer for KDevelop for Windows.

Thanks to the help of Gleb Popov (awesome, skilled guy!) we can finally 
announce a first preliminary version of KDevelop 5 on Windows. Get it here: (~ 70 MB)

Build details:
- MSVC2015 RTM (x64)
- Qt 5.5 branch (dyn. OpenGL)
- KF5 master (+ a few custom patches)
- kdevplatform/kdevelop master
- All KDE daemons disabled, it's standalone (only req. dbus-daemon)

This is *by far* not a production-ready version, it is rather here to give a 
first impression of what KDevelop 5 looks like on Windows. I'd like to motivate 
people interested in the Windows version to join our ranks and help to make 
KDevelop shine on Windows. You can already help by creating bug reports, 
wishes, complaints on using this version!

We, by far, don't have the manpower to polish KDevelop on Windows. People are 
encouraged to help out as much as possible if they want to make this a 

There's a long list of known issues, a short excerpt here:
- Custom icons from kdevelop are missing (working on it)
- No real compiler selection possible
  - Workaround: Just start kdevelop from the "correct" environment
    - I.e. start "MSVC 20XX command prompt", then start kdevelop.exe
    - Similarly for MinGW-based setups
- CMake/QMake plugin disables itself if cmake/qmake resp. is not in PATH
  - Workaround: Make sure cmake/qmake is in PATH
- Paths not displayed correctly (see QTBUG-41729)
- More...

I'll write up a blog post about the "journey" to get to an actually installer, 
this was a bumpy road. But right now I'm in a position where I can easily 
trigger a rebuild of an installer within minutes (it's all automated via 
emerge [1], yay!)

Hope you guys have fun with the version, can do some actual work with it.

Please, keep in mind. It's an *preliminary* version, by far not production-
ready. It might kill your kittens, 'nuf said.

PS: I'll try to update the installer executable when there any noteworthy 

Screenshot showing KDevelop on Windows browsing attica.git:



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