Plaintext format for custom include paths

Piotr Dziwinski piotrdz at
Wed Sep 10 17:26:20 BST 2014

On 2014-09-10 10:21, Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 September 2014 20:52:52 Piotr Dziwinski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a question regarding the new mechanism for specifying custom
>> include paths in KDevelop 4.7. I see that the new plugin
>> "custom-definesandincludes" has changed the previous mechanism of
>> listing include paths in ".kdev_include_paths" files to settings kept in
>> project's settings file.
>> This is unfortunate for me since I use a set of scripts for
>> automatically managing the ".kdev_include_paths" file for a large
>> project. The new settings file is saved using QDataStream and not in
>> simple plaintext as before and I cannot easily read or write to it using
>> bash scripts anymore.
>> So I'm wondering if there is a chance to restore previous behaviour or
>> change the format to be more plaintext-like?
> Hm that is a use-case I have not encountered so far. Do you really have to do
> this so often? Can you not set the include paths once in the project settings
> and be done with it?
> For the future though I agree that we should do something about this. Maybe we
> could even extend the include path manager to optionally execute an external
> script to read include paths or something like that.

Well, it's true that the include paths do not change very frequently but 
the point is to not resign from previous functionality which was very 
convenient in this regard.

For now, I set the paths manually and it works fine, but I would still 
keep this feature request open. Maybe I'll try to write it myself if 
only I have enough time.

Best regards,
Piotr DziwiƄski

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