environment config combobox dysfunctional in projects' CMake preferences

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 20:57:50 BST 2014

On Friday October 17 2014 21:11:43 Milian Wolff wrote:

Hi again,

> I've fixed the issue in the 4.7 branch now, please pull.

Does the fix work for you? I still get 

kdevelop(22536)/kdeui (KConfigDialogManager) KConfigDialogManager::parseChildren: Don't know how to monitor widget ' KDevelop::EnvironmentSelectionWidget ' for changes! 
QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver

even after rebuilding and reinstalling kdevplatform/util and kdevplatform/plugins and only then ditto for kdevelop/projectmanagers (= same method as I used for my own workaround).


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