xdebug plugin question

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Fri Jan 24 14:34:36 GMT 2014

I'm currently trying to get the xdbug plugin to work, and it seems I'm almost 
there, but not quite, really :)
here's what I did:

-	install everything mentioned 
-	all the plugins show up in kdevelop->settings->show modules
-	created/configured launch configuration for remote debugging on my home 

now, I can do 'execute launch' and the php page configured is correctly showing 
up in my browser.
I also can do 'run->debug launch' but this just gives me an unresponsive debug 
tab in kdevelop, showing my code w/o breakpoints and an empty variables tab to 
the left.
no 'step', 'continue' or any other execution controls active, just nothing.
what am I missing ?

p.s.: this is kdevelop 4.5.1 from kubuntu

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