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Sat Jan 4 00:18:08 GMT 2014

Well I thought I'd dig into it a bit and apparently it appears to be much easier than I 

Documentation is here:[1] 

Seems on Settings -> Configure Editor -> Open/Save -> Advanced is where that 
"Search depth for config file:" is located.

Thank you (and Sven), and while I would generally used spaces over tabs on all Python 
files, I really like the options opened up by making use of .kateconfig


On Friday January 3 2014 05:18:58 PM Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> On 2014-01-03 16:49, George L. Emigh wrote:
> > I must be missing something obvious, is there a way to get KDevelop to
> > just know that I use spaces for indentation in python files and tabs for
> > indentation in everything else so I don't have to manually change it
> > every time I move between a python file and anything else?
> I am told there is a way to create a .kateconfig that specifies
> modelines for only specific file types, but never did get around to
> figuring out how exactly. (If you do, do my lazy self a favor and let me
> know ;-).)
> ...that's if you don't want to go with Sven's suggestion which will
> change the default for all Python files you edit regardless of where
> they are.

George L. Emigh - AB4BD

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