Senior Design Project

Yang Jing Ren yangjingren at
Tue Aug 5 23:57:47 BST 2014

Hi, my name is Yang J. Ren, and I am currently a Senior studying Computer
Engineering. For my Senior Design Project, instead of working around old
projects and ideas, I was hoping that my partner and I can instead focus on
contributing our efforts to giving back to the open source community, from
which we take. We are short on ideas of what we, as individuals, can
specifically offer in the development of this application, however, we are
not short of enthusiasm. Given a set goal, and a mentor to offer us some
occasional aid, I am sure that we can contribute. Specifically, we would
like a project that isn't too sizable, in which progress can be shown
within the next few months. If anyone is interested in mentoring us with an
idea in mind, please email me back. Thanks.

Yang J. Ren
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