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Alvin Beach alvinbeach at
Wed Nov 20 16:02:41 GMT 2013

Thank you Milian, the IN_IDE_PARSER and IN_KDEVELOP_PARSER is exactly what I was looking for. One
little issue is that I need to edit the "system" file for KDevelop see the code.

I have this:

#if defined(IN_IDE_PARSER) || defined(IN_KDEVELOP_PARSER)
#define __ANDROID__   1

When I have the above in my .cpp file, before the inclusion of the other header files, KDevelop
doesn't seem to carry it over to (into) the included header files. For instance, the functions I
would like KDevelop to see are in SDL_system.h. If I take the above guard and put it in
SDL_system.h, the KDevelop "sees" code in SDL_system.h and in my .cpp file. Simply putting the guard
before my inclusion of SDL_system.h doesn't see to work. Perhaps this is the way it is suppose to
work or am I doing something wrong?



On 20/11/13 10:47, Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 November 2013 10:19:19 Alvin Beach wrote:
>> [snip]
>> 1. Having __ANDROID__ defined so that KDevelop's code completion sees the
>> appropriate functions, ...
> Yes, use either of IN_IDE_PARSER or IN_KDEVELOP_PARSER.
>> 2. Code completion for Java. In particular, when coding inside the .java
>> files. Code completion of the JNI works just fine.
> What Aleix said, I'm afraid to say. Without new developers this will not 
> happen. The current contributors to KDevelop don't use Java from what I see.
>> I have had some success by populating .kdev_include_paths inside of the jni/
>> directory.
>> Therefore, I am not certain if I am requesting basic Java support or
>> specific Android support. Has anyone else been or have used KDevelop4 for
>> Android development? If so, how did you setup your environment?
> A generic Java support would probably help you a lot already. But well, the 
> old unmaintained plugin for that is bitrotting. If anyone is interested, 
> please step up!
> Bye

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