Android Development

Alvin Beach alvinbeach at
Wed Nov 20 14:19:19 GMT 2013


Just wondering if there are any plans or if any effort has been undertaken to support Android
development from within KDevelop4? I am currently using KDevelop4 to build my app (SDL2 based) and
so far it has been mostly painless. I am using a custom Makefile that contains several rules for
building the app by calling ndk-build and ant. It also has rules for launching the emulator and the
debugger (e.g. monitor), listing the attached devices and running instance of the emulator, signing
and installing the APK to the device (or emulator), etc.

What I see missing is mainly:

1. Having __ANDROID__ defined so that KDevelop's code completion sees the appropriate functions,
etc. from inside SDL2. I think I could just define it manually, however, wouldn't that cause
confusion when I go to build? Is there a special #ifdef guard I could use that would be used by only
KDevelop4 but not set when building?

2. Code completion for Java. In particular, when coding inside the .java files. Code completion of
the JNI works just fine.

I have had some success by populating .kdev_include_paths inside of the jni/ directory.

Therefore, I am not certain if I am requesting basic Java support or specific Android support. Has
anyone else been or have used KDevelop4 for Android development? If so, how did you setup your



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