problem with "Launch Configurations"

Ralf Denzer ralf.denzer at
Thu May 2 09:52:14 BST 2013

Hello list,

I'm using the git version (from today) of kdevelop
and encountered the following 2 problems:

I created a new standard terminal application ("Hello world")

1. Then I set in Run->Configure Launches ...
to use as "External Terminal" xterm (or konsole).

If I then start the application by Run->Execute Launch
I get "Starting: /usr/bin/plasmoidviewer" and
a plasmoidviewer window is popping up. Thus, the
external terminal is ignored. Also there is no
output "Hello world" in the plasmoidviewer window,
it simply stays empty.

2. In the same menu Run->Configure Launches ...
also the option Action "Build" or "Build and Install" is ignored.
The build process is not invoked, if I change
the source code and make then a Run->Execute Launch.

Shall I file a bug report on this?



PS: enclose a snapshot ...

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