Color schemes issues

Matthew Woehlke matthew.woehlke at
Wed May 1 16:34:27 BST 2013

Please stay on-list. My involvement with KDevelop pretty well ends with 
katepart, and whether or not that is where your problem lies, it is best 
to keep the ability for others to share their knowledge also.

On 2013-05-01 10:42, hatred wrote:
> I turn off Semantic Code Highlighting and observe same result.

Can you provide a screen shot of what you are seeing? (Have you gone 
into the color configs for the specific syntax you are using and checked 
that all of those configurable colors are set as you desire?)

AFAIK in katepart there are very few if any colors that are not 
configurable┬╣ (even if the defaults are sometimes hard-coded to 
potentially undesirable values), and there should be none at all w.r.t. 
text syntax coloring.

(┬╣ counting fiddling with the system color scheme, although those are 
e.g. notifications, defaults, side bar, etc. and not the main text area)

> And really it look like some colors is hard-coded or semi-hard-coded
> (like tint color calculates from current color theme (otherwise I
> can't explain why on dark background function names is bright and
> vice versa)). If it true, it is not good.

When you say "current color theme", do you mean the system color scheme, 
or the katepart color scheme? (I was under the impression that the base 
color for semantic tinting was the relevant katepart text color, or at 
least the katepart 'normal text' color. If that is not the case, that 
indeed sounds like it would be a bug.)


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