CMakeLists.txt changed on disk after save?

Matthew Woehlke matthew.woehlke at
Wed Mar 20 20:35:29 GMT 2013

(Using current F18 packages)

Whenever I save a CMakeLists.txt in kdevelop, the file is immediately 
flagged as having been modified on disk. AFAICT, this only happens with 
kdevelop (or at least, not with kwrite), and with CMakeLists.txt (i.e. 
not *.cpp, *.h, etc.).

Has anyone else seen this, and/or might have a guess what could cause it?

I have some 'cleanup on save' options, however it is still reproducible 
after saving and reloading, so it seems there shouldn't be any clean-up 
actually happening...

This wasn't occurring circa KDE 4.9.


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