First try on a very large project

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Wed Mar 13 17:59:20 GMT 2013

On Saturday 02 March 2013 12:20:27 Olivier Hallot wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to put LibreOffice into Kdevelop. I know it will be
> considered a crazy idea but anyway I want to give a try. The project is
> not a canonical c++ project and many IDE features are not available
> without special tweak, which I already know. So far I have the analyzer
> and and auto-completion working quite well, and this is already a win
> for me.

I use KDevelop with WebKit. Others use KDevelop with the Linux Kernel. So why 
should LibreOffice be considered crazy? :]

> Since I am not much skilled in IDEs I have some questions.
> 1) Is there a regular expression that allow me to automatically include
> all <root_project>/<module>/source/inc into the search for the analyser?
> The includes are in the file .kdev_include_path

What exactly do you mean by that? Do you want to add these paths to the 
include path? Or should files in there be parsed and errors reported? Or 
should code completion be offered for API in there in other files? I will need 
some more information on that.

> 2) Is there a cache for the analyser? Each time I open the project it
> looks like it restart the analyser from scratch. Am I missing something?
> Note: On opening LibreOffice project, the CPU rises to 25% and I use
> 1,9GB of memory.

First up, what KDevelop version is that? I constantly try to optimize it thus 
the newer KDevelop the better it should perform.

That said, yes - there is a cache. But no matter what, once you restart 
KDevelop we will have to validate the cache by stating every file and checking 
some timestamp against what we have cached. This should be much faster than no 
cache at all.

- if you encounter crashes the cache is wiped to guard against crashes due to 
corrupted binary data in the cache
- if not every file was parsed the last time, there will be files left that 
need to be processed.
- if files have been changed (VCS update?) they need to be reparsed
- a bug might prevent the cache to work as intended

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