First try on a very large project

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at
Sat Mar 2 15:20:27 GMT 2013


I am trying to put LibreOffice into Kdevelop. I know it will be
considered a crazy idea but anyway I want to give a try. The project is
not a canonical c++ project and many IDE features are not available
without special tweak, which I already know. So far I have the analyzer
and and auto-completion working quite well, and this is already a win
for me.

Since I am not much skilled in IDEs I have some questions.

1) Is there a regular expression that allow me to automatically include
all <root_project>/<module>/source/inc into the search for the analyser?
The includes are in the file .kdev_include_path

2) Is there a cache for the analyser? Each time I open the project it
looks like it restart the analyser from scratch. Am I missing something?
Note: On opening LibreOffice project, the CPU rises to 25% and I use
1,9GB of memory.

Thank you in advance for the help.
PS: Kdevelop in Kubuntu 12.10, quantal.

Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice

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