Working set designation - icon or letter - please, vote!!!

Matthew Woehlke matthew.woehlke at
Tue Dec 24 16:35:48 GMT 2013

On 2013-12-24 09:52, Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 December 2013 15:43:36 Sven Brauch wrote:
>> Question is, though, do people even want this? If there's a consensus
>> letters are better than the current icons I'm not opposed to writing
>> it, but if half the people are against it and half are for it I'm not
>> going to change the current thing
> List members are kindly asked to vote for one of two following options
> to designate working sets:
> 1. By arbitrary generated icon in the style more or less it is done
> today.
> 2. By sequentially assigned letter with an option to reassign manually.

TBH, I think letters would be... less aesthetically desirable (at least 
to me personally). And so am going to go with (1) ;-).

Whether or not they're *effective*, from an *aesthetic* standpoint I 
actually quite like the new icons. The aesthetics are non-arbitrary and 
they integrate very well with the new splash screen.


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