new working set icons... not unique?

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Thu Dec 19 08:44:11 GMT 2013


> I can see where 3x3 might have a detrimental effect on memorability. What's
> interesting is that memorability probably starts to go *up* after a certain
> point once you get to where more abstract patterns can emerge (thinking
> again about the ASCII visual fingerprint problem). I wonder if anyone has
> done studies on that? :-) (Just being amused here, not making suggestions
> for KDevelop.) Relatedly the "noise" from the color I suspect goes away at
> higher grid sizes as it becomes a more meaningful indication of population
> density. IOW, once it starts to look like a Rorschach test rather than
> static, it becomes more memorable ;-).
Ah, I think only now I understand what your algorithm tries to
achieve. Maybe it could indeed work -- did you try to use a 16x16
grid? I think the 3x3 is too low for this style of icons.

> (Note: my previous thought as far as trying 3x3 was still to keep a single
> color.)
Yes that I would do in any case; at least one kind of color,
especially don't mix red and green or so.

> Yes, I think that much is desirable. Thanks again.
Ok, I'll report back when that works.


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