new working set icons... not unique?

Matthew Woehlke matthew.woehlke at
Mon Dec 16 17:28:24 GMT 2013

Just upgraded to 4.6.0 today... the new working set icons are... 
interesting. I'm not quite sure if the color is determined by the on/off 
pattern (16 icons possible) or orthogonal (81 icons possible?). However, 
besides that upgrading destroys any previous memory associations, the 
new icons don't feel nearly as mnemonic; it feels much harder to 
remember that a particular set is associated with "the blue rising 
(left-to-right) diagonal pattern" than the old icons which were e.g. 
"world", "alarm", "portrait", and so forth. (Especially as one could 
creatively 'add all' to get a particular icon to be associated with a 
particular working set such that there is some logical association 
between the set and the icon, e.g. "improving the testing framework" 
with "alarm".)

Worse, however, in one of my sessions I have the same icon twice but for 
different working sets!


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