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Milian Wolff mail at
Sun Dec 15 18:06:16 GMT 2013

On Saturday 14 December 2013 20:15:14 Leon Pollak wrote:
> Milian,
> After your help I was able to create 3 WS.
> But I was not able to understand the way of switching between them.
> This 4 quadrant icons are not so clear - they toggle the WS in some
> unclear way so that one of my WS is displayed once in 3 clicks.
> The other icon seems not to include the third WS at all.

I don't follow. Maybe create a screencast and/or put reproducible steps into a 
bug report on

Generally, clicking on a not-currently-opened set should close the current set 
and open the one you clicked on.

If you click on the currently opened one (the one most to the right), you 
close it. Opening a file will then create a new set.

If you are unsure what is what, hover the sets and you'll see a nice tooltip 
with the contents and some more actions.

> But this seems to be very close to what I wanted...:)


Milian Wolff
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