Lastest Kdevelop doesn't insert output of external script

Milian Wolff mail at
Thu Apr 18 19:47:14 BST 2013

On Wednesday 17 April 2013 19:13:10 Jose Corona wrote:
> Thanks Millian....i have recompiled the lastest Kdevelop 4.5.60
> (Downloaded via git today, together with new Kdevelop Platform and
> Plugins, as referenced in
>, my KDE is 4.8.4
> (a Debian testing install) with  grantlee-0.3.0 and these are my
> comments:
> - Installed kdevplatform, kdevelop, that order:
> no problems.
> - Installed plugins are kdev-python, kdev-php, kdev-php-docs,
> kdev-php-formatter, kdev-sql,  kdev-css, and kdev-xml in that order.
> - My Kdevelop runs OK, plugins looks working OK as far as i could test
> them with some python, ruby, .css, .xml and .php files
> - External script insert data is now OK.
> kdev-css, and kdev-xml: Got a lot of warnings when installing, but
> looks  working OK.

Note that playground is what the name suggests - a place for playing around. 
Don't expect solid, stable and ready-for-use plugins from there.

> Plugins with problems:
> kdev-custom-buildsystem: Can not be installed with this version of
> kdevplatform. 

This should be removed, it was integrated into kdevelop itself thus you do not 
need to install it.

> kdev-ruby: compiles, but SIGUP Kdevelop at start with a
> certain ruby file opened, so I uninstalled it (I want that fixed !).

Report bugs on and include a way for us to reproduce it along 
with a proper backtrace with debug symbols for the crash.

> Others plugins:
> kdev-java, kdev-qmljs: Tried those last week, but got big problems
> (sorry...but I forgot the exact details !)

playground plugins are not supposed to be stable / ready for use. It is known 
that these two are highly experimental (qmljs) or simply not working at all 

> ----------
> My wish is to have a better documentation plugin that allow:

Please report wishes also on


Milian Wolff
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