Lastest Kdevelop doesn't insert output of external script

Jose Corona jcoronab at
Thu Apr 18 00:13:10 BST 2013

Thanks Millian....i have recompiled the lastest Kdevelop 4.5.60
(Downloaded via git today, together with new Kdevelop Platform and
Plugins, as referenced in, my KDE is 4.8.4
(a Debian testing install) with  grantlee-0.3.0 and these are my

- Installed kdevplatform, kdevelop, that order:
no problems.
- Installed plugins are kdev-python, kdev-php, kdev-php-docs,
kdev-php-formatter, kdev-sql,  kdev-css, and kdev-xml in that order.
- My Kdevelop runs OK, plugins looks working OK as far as i could test
them with some python, ruby, .css, .xml and .php files
- External script insert data is now OK.

kdev-css, and kdev-xml: Got a lot of warnings when installing, but
looks  working OK.

Plugins with problems:

kdev-custom-buildsystem: Can not be installed with this version of kdevplatform.
kdev-ruby: compiles, but SIGUP Kdevelop at start with a certain ruby
file opened, so I uninstalled it (I want that fixed !).

Others plugins:

kdev-java, kdev-qmljs: Tried those last week, but got big problems
(sorry...but I forgot the exact details !)

I have not tested the remaining plugins.


My wish is to have a better documentation plugin that allow:

- Multiple HTML links on the root menu of Documentation, not only for
- Devhelp files configurable as before in Kdevelop 3.5
- QThelp files configurables as before/

May I suggest to unlink the plugins with problems from

Hope this help you....and THANKS a lot for help developing this
exceptional IDE  and remember to HAVE FUN !

Jose Corona
Dominican Republic.

On 4/14/13, Milian Wolff <mail at> wrote:
> On Sunday 14 April 2013 22:47:46 Milian Wolff wrote:
>> On Tuesday 02 April 2013 18:11:59 Jose Corona wrote:
>> > I just downloaded and compiled lastest sources from
>> > git:// (master branch, version 4.6...).
>> >
>> > Everything runs ok, except Kdevelop will not insert output of external
>> > script in the open document at cursor position (but the script runs, I
>> > know it because i can see the output if "Show Output" is marked).
>> >
>> > Just to let you know of this bug.
>> Confirmed, please open a bug on
>> BTW: This is a regression introduced by the recent performance
>> optimizations
>> of the output model which is also used by the external script plugin...
> Fixed it now in master, please test.
> --
> Milian Wolff
> mail at

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