Compile current file only (cmake project)

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Wed Nov 7 09:59:31 GMT 2012

That seems too complicated, just to compile a file. I will try to modify the source and add a new action in the cmake menu, which will create a new selection on the fly with the current source file, and build it.

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Oggetto: Re: Compile current file only (cmake project)

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 9:31 AM, patrick carosso <carossopatrick at> wrote:
> Well, "build selection" build all project. So, how can I select a single
> file?
> Patrick

this can be done by making sure that only that single file is in the
"selection". The selection what to build is shown in the lower list of
the projects view. Newly opened projects are added there, but you can
remove items from the list or add items from the project tree by
selecting them and then hit the "plus" button in the lower part.

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