Upgraded from 4.1 -> 4.2.3, unable to find project headers

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Mon Mar 19 09:42:02 UTC 2012

On Saturday 17 March 2012 15:09:55 Gaetano Mendola wrote:
> Hi all,
> after the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2.3 Kdevelop is not able anymore to resolve
> the include files on some of my file.
> The project uses CMake and while 4.1 it seems was able to "discover"
> correctly all the include paths the version 4.2.3 seems to have some
> difficulties.

Considering that 4.1 is really old and even 4.2.3 is released formore than 
half a year by now, I'm suprised noone else reported such a breakage.

Anyhow, bug reports are not supposed to be sent to the mailing list. Sent them 
to bugs.kde.org. Make sure to include a reproducible test case, and/or link us 
to the project that shows this error in the first place, if that one is foss 
and hence accessible to us.


> As example this is what I get on the problem list with 4.2.3 opening
> one of my source files:
> Include path resolver: Makefile is missing in folder
> "/home/kalman/svn_store/EssaRadioSuite/src/Libraries/PowerControl"
> Included file was not found: Channels/genericspec.h
> Included file was not found: Channels/PF2001/pf2001def.h
> Included file was not found: Channels/PF2001/pf2001channel.h
> Included file was not found:
> PowerControl/Algorithms/genericpowercontrolalgorithm.h
> Included file was not found: PowerControl/powercontrolledspec.h
> Included file was not found:
> PowerControl/Algorithms/statediscoveringalgorithm.h Declaration not found:
> PowerControlledSpec
> Declaration not found: PowerControlledSpec
> Declaration not found: thePowerControlAlgorithm
> Declaration not found: theChannelSpec
> Declaration not found: computeSeed
> Declaration not found: theMaxAttempts
> note that opening the same file with kdevelop 4.1 all works fine.
> The Makefile is missing on
> "/home/kalman/svn_store/EssaRadioSuite/src/Libraries/PowerControl"
> because that is located in
> the build directory that is actualy:
> "/home/kalman/svn_store/EssaRadioSuite/project/linux/cmake/build/debug/Libra
> ries/PowerControl"
> I guess something changed from 4.2.3 to 4.1.
> I did try as well with the Kdevelop released with kubuntu 12.04 beta 1 that
> is:
> KDevelop 4.2.90
> Using KDE Development Platform 4.8.1
> and it's affected by the very same issue.
> Is there something new to setup with those new versions ?
> Regards
> Gaetano Mendola
Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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