Syntax highlighting within C++ Makro arguments not working

Torbjoern Klatt torbjoern.k at
Mon Feb 20 22:30:34 GMT 2012

Hi all,

recently I realised, that the awesome syntax highlighting of KDevelop is not 
working for arguments of C++ makros.

E.g. when using Boost.Test with `BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL(one, two)`, `one` and `two` 
are not getting highlighted in any way.
But everything around this line does fine. Even `one` and `two` used outside 
of the makro call.

Take this as an working example (except the fact, you don't have the class 
Visit defined):

  std::string validDateTime( "2012-12-21 21:42:00" );
  Visit v;
  BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL( v.getDateTime(), boost::posix_time::not_a_date_time );
  v.setDateTime( validDateTime );

The argument of `BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE(suite_name)` is highlighted, while the 
argument of `BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE(case_name)` is not. They are separated just 
by a new line.

$> kdevelop --version
Qt: 4.8.0
KDE: 4.8.00 (4.8.0 "release 462"
KDevelop: 4.3.60

On openSUSE 11.4 64bit and Qt+KDE+KDevelop installed through official openSUSE 


By the way: Why does `kdevelop --verison` not close the bracket after the 
release info of KDE? Looks awkward.
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