Indentation Broken

Neil Hellfeldt hellfeldt at
Mon Feb 13 16:29:04 GMT 2012

I am using kubuntu 11.10

I installed

Version 4.2.81
Using KDE Development Platform 4.8.00 (4.8.0


I have my tabbing set to tabs at two spaces width.

Right now when I press the tab key I get 2 spaces
instead of a tabular that is two spaces in width.

Since Kate is the back engine of kdevelop I tested
to see if it was kate, but kate did the tabbing correctly.

I opened a Mailefile vs a c/cpp file and it did a tab with
eight spaces in width to c and makefile's have a deferent
formatting and tabs show up but not in 2 space width like
I want.

I the source formatter section it shows c/cpp files should be
using tabulars and not spaces as well. I tried overriding the
kate indentation mode and when I press the tab key I get
one space.

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