Developing the Linux kernel with KDevelop

Alexandre Courbot gnurou at
Wed Sep 21 12:36:54 BST 2011

Hi everybody,

I have finally found the time to write about what I spend most of my
day doing: reading and writing kernel code using KDevelop. It may
sound weird to most, but after trying lots (and lots) of different
editors/IDEs, I figured out that KDevelop was the one I am the most
comfortable with. It is a great help for navigating and understanding
the source. It also has a few things that could be improved, this is
why I have written this little article that explains how to configure
KDevelop for kernel development and the problems I ran into:

More than sharing the experience and KDevelop love, I wrote this as a
starting point to get feedback and comments and hopefully fix the few
shortcomings I noticed. My daily workflow would be greatly improve if
they get fixed, so before getting starting I wanted to announce my
project and invite anyone interested to get involved.

Expect a few patches related to this in the coming weeks - and if
anyone else is intereted in this kernel project type I mention at the
end of the article, let's join forces!


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