QML support for kdevelop and plasmate

Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Tue Sep 20 10:29:48 BST 2011

Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas, 19.09.2011:
> Hello,
> right now we don't have QML support neither for plasmate of for
> kdevelop.This has to change if we want to help ourselves and
> future developers.I recall that the first time that i code in Qt that
> kdevelop helped me a lot,so the same has to be done for QML.
> Agree?

Sure. But "has" is too strong a word ;-) "should" is much better here I think 

> Both projects can benefit from it and do some code reuse,since KDE(as a
> whole) is based on the idea of code reuse,i don't see why
> we shouldn't do it.
> We have to see how many code we could reuse from kdevplatform and in
> general to discuss it.:)

Again: Plasmate would first have to be ported to reuse kdevplatform code at 
least for the editor. So far it does not do anything like that. This is 
additional work to the already quite demanding task of writing a language 
plugin for QML for KDevelop/KDevplatform.

> I forgot to mention that i am willing to do it and the kdevelop team is
> willing to help me(mentor me).

Yes, me and most probably the rest of the team stands by to answer questions.

> As it regards plasmate,i will fix my currect reviews(in the worst case it
> is a 3 days work) and then i will work on that.
> Without a QML support so good as the current one of kdevelop for c++ i
> don't think that someone will use it.

Since you seem to be in a hurry, if you think three days make a difference or 
not, let me state this one clearly again: Language plugins are demanding work. 
Not only on the time part - the PHP language plugin e.g. took roughly two man 
years of work. Additionally writing such a plugin is sometimes complicated, as 
language parsing and interpretation is no easy feat.

> P.S.: if someone else also wants to work on that one,please don't hesitate
> to mention it here.

If you want to get something done "fast", i.e. somehow useable in a few 
months, you really should get a team of at least two working on the plugin.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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