Two executable & Global Functions

Milian Wolff mail at
Tue Sep 13 08:39:13 BST 2011

octo-bios at, 13.09.2011:
> Hi,
> Since no one replied to my problem, I give it another try:
> I have two problems with Kdevelop:
> #1 I imported a program with a Makefile which produces two executable.
> However when I build my stuff I get the error messages "Internal error:
> cannot build a file item" twice. However everything is compiled fine. How
> to turn off the messages?

No idea on that one. Please report a bug on together with a 
minimal testcase (i.e. a makefile project with hello-world style files that 
triggers this behavior).

> #2 Is there any way to show global functions of a c program in the code
> browsers/classes two browse through them? I dont see any function. Thanks

not yet implemented, I'm afraid


Milian Wolff
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