Problem debugging with kdevelop

Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue May 24 16:06:39 UTC 2011

On Tuesday May 24 2011, Luca Tersi wrote:
> Hi all,
> after upgrading to Kubuntu 11.04, I'm no longer able to debug c++
> applications inside Kdevelop 4.2
> gdb is working well in terminal.
> I've compiled a cmake hello world project using debug flag, and added the
> executable in the launches configuration. I can put breakpoints, but the
> execution doesn't stop accordingly..
> Is there something new in configuring launches?
> Any help is appreciated,
> thanks
As nobody rushes to answer...:)
I have the similar situation. IMHO, it is triggered by .gdbinit file content, 
but am not sure.
Anyway, the workaround in my case is: I put into my .gdbinit file the line:
br main
and it does the job. I mean break points are now working.

Hope this helps.
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