Leon Pollak leonp at
Thu Aug 25 11:20:25 UTC 2011

Hello, all.

I am a bit in doubts and hope the community will help me to understand...

After some time of kde-kdevelop running (sometimes 15-20hours, sometimes after 
0.5h), kdevelop becomes too slow: moving in the text suffers from 1-2s delays, 
source file switching is very slow, moving between 'debug' and 'code' working 
sets is VERY slow, etc.

Restart of the kdevelop does not solve the issue, but restart of the whole 
computer does... till the next time it appears...:-(

The reason I write this here is, that when this situation appears, the only 
KDE application suffering is kdevelop. None of the other running applications 
(and I have many running - libreoffice, many okulars, korganizer, kmail, 
firefox, 8-10 konsoles and some more) shows a bit of the problem.
Also system activity does not show any problem.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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