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2010/11/13 Peter M. Clausen <petermichaelclausen at>

> Hi
> I want to look into the possibility of using KDevelop, especially
> after we changed our build system to CMake. The KDevelop integration
> is awesome! My major issue is perforce integration. I have found
> nothing about Perforce integration (and development hereof) in
> KDevelop 4.x, except for the vision:
> "Version control support:
>    * Subversion
>    * Perforce "
> I assume the wiki-text is old/out-of-date (git is missing...), but I
> would like help with the Perforce integration if anybody else would
> also be interested. In my option it is not necessary with a full blown
> integration as in Eclipse, but simply support basic stuff like check
> out, add of files and such. Eclipse and CMake sucks...
> I would prefer not program it myself because I have no desire to use
> too much time on learning how to program GUIs /KDE.
> But I do have programming experience (+5 y professional) in C++,
> fortran, Perl and Python, so I believe I can test/bug-fix an initial
> implementation based on some command line implementation (perhaps
> based on csv, svn, git ?).
> I have started to write a perforce plugin. I will try to make the source
public some time this week. Will give you a heads up when i get round to it.


> I am looking forward to your input - keep up the good work!
> Best regards
> Peter
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