Problems after building

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed May 12 20:14:50 BST 2010

On 12.05.10 21:29:42, William Frank wrote:
> Hi again,
> Now I've installed kdevelop on a clean mashine.
> This is my install script:
> #! /bin/sh
> cd $HOME/src/kdevplatform
> git pull
> mkdir -p $HOME/src/kdevplatform/build
> cd $HOME/src/kdevplatform/build
> -march=native"  ../
> make uninstall
> make
> sudo make install
> export KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr

This will set KDEDIRS only inside the script not in your normal
environment. Also you'll have to make sure that KDEDIRS is set
session-wide as other apps might run kbuildsycoca4 with KDEDIRS just
having /usr in it. That'll break things too.


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